Buried: Scary Supernatural Horror with Demons: Demonic Games, Book 2

Buried: Scary Supernatural Horror with Demons: Demonic Games, Book 2

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For generations, the truth has been left to fester while evil flourished within Castle Vaduva’s blood-stained stones.

But nothing stays hidden forever…

Mihail Vaduva didn’t know that returning to his ancestral home would throw him into a battleground between the living and the dead. His only defense against the madness was his friend and medium, Abe Claymont. Together, they bought themselves a few months of peace. And yet, the combined rage of hundreds of lost souls cannot be contained for long.

Racing against an unknown clock, Abe and Mihail search for a way to appease the spirits. But salvation won’t come easy. Lost souls invade Mihail’s dreams, stalk him from the walls, and lure him into dungeons. Every attempt Mihail makes to protect himself dredges up past demons.

Drawn deeper into the twisted web of revenge and murder, Mihail is confronted with unstoppable evils. Demonic forces are staking their claim. Murderous secrets are clawing their way out of graves.

Vengeful spirits are following him beyond the castle walls. It’s only a matter of time before decades of horror are unleashed onto the unprepared world.

There’s only one way to stop the looming apocalypse. A tribute of blood and sanity. But the price may be too high for Mihail to bear….

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