Blood in the Mirror: Haunted Collection Series, Book 3

Blood in the Mirror: Haunted Collection Series, Book 3 Price: $19.95 (as of 13/06/2021 08:18 PST- Details)

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A mirror’s gleaming reflection bears untold secrets of a dark and haunting past….

Stefan Korzh is at it again, and while Ivan’s deadly ghost has thrown a wrench into his son’s plans, the spiteful road to revenge continues. More haunted items from the family’s notorious collection are appearing with new owners. Worst of all is a pen possessing an inviting glimmer that can destroy whoever spills its demonic ink.

Jeremy Rhinehart and Victor Daniels are in a desperate rush to stop the mayhem, and seem to be headed in the right direction…but somehow, the closer they get, the harder things become. And they are slowly finding that they’re not the only ones who want Stefan dead.

As the histories of the possessed collectibles continue to reveal themselves, more objects emerge, and old family secrets are contained within the elegant ridges of the compact mirror. Everything hangs in the balance, and it’s up to Victor to discard his tragic demons and stop Stefan before the streets are lined with more bodies.

But as Victor and Jeremy continue their quest against evil, they discover a terrifying force lurking in their midst. Nothing is ever as it seems….

©2017 Ron Ripley (P)2018