Birth of the Vampire: The Journal of Kersey Avonwood

Birth of the Vampire: The Journal of Kersey Avonwood Price: $26.21 (as of 28/07/2021 14:23 PST- Details)

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From the writer of the Hope’s Covenant trilogy comes the prequel story that started it all….

Before the dragon, before the curse, there was a girl named Kersey….

Living in the most holy city was a way of life for Kersey Avonwood and her family. But when a dark god threatens war, her life is destined to be changed forever. As she begins to discover an innate power, she is challenged with a daunting task: Join a group of dragon slayers and rid the world of the dark god’s most prized weapon. But the dragon is only the beginning, and Kersey will soon learn that her holy upbringing did little to prepare her for the horrors of the world….

Birth of the Vampire chronicles a thousand-year journey as Kersey makes her way from innocent child, to accomplished lancer, to caller of the dead, to one of the 10 founding vampires. Witness her life as she drifts across the realm, looking for mayhem, looking for carnage, and eventually…looking for redemption.

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