Adrift: The Scourge, Book 2

Adrift: The Scourge, Book 2 Price: $17.99 (as of 31/07/2021 15:56 PST- Details)

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Binge listen. Keep the lights on. Lock your doors.

A mutating plague has killed two thirds of the world’s population. Society has collapsed. And Mike Crenshaw is adrift.

From the world of The Traveler Series comes a new cast of characters, new obstacles, and the same devastating, world-altering virus which plunges society into the depth of a dystopian hell.

Adrift begins six months after The Scourge takes hold. And while the spread of the disease is no longer and immediate threat, those who survived are left in a world without infrastructure, without laws, and without protection. They must fend for themselves in a Darwinian landscape fraught with danger.

At the same time, a government lab is working to harness The Scourge, to make it into something the military can control and unleash upon its enemies.

It’s a nightmarish addition to a story that will keep you up at night with the lights on and the doors locked.