A House by the Sea: Winthrop House, Book 1

A House by the Sea: Winthrop House, Book 1

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Something has always lived in Winthrop House.

After his book becomes a best seller, novelist Jack Ripley moves into a house on the edge of Cutler Harbor with his wife and two daughters. Nearly a century old, Winthrop House is newly-restored and boasts a gorgeous oceanfront view.

But everything is not what it seems.

Though picturesque, Jack learns that the house has been shunned for decades by the locals, owing to a number of mysterious disappearances and inexplicable deaths on the grounds.

The Ripleys begin to grapple with the property’s vile reputation, learning more about its sordid history and experiencing strange things within its walls. What was once a dream home quickly becomes a nightmare for the family as they encounter the terrifying presence that has existed there since times immemorial.

A House By The Sea is a full-length novel of supernatural horror and suspense by Ambrose Ibsen.

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